That can cause Problems. Yes, two connectors had oil/ moisture all the way into the connectors, with the pins soaked. One of the big blocks with the small pins, and the other one with the square larger pins, fewer wires (which I'm assuming is power) were the worst. The oil issues were actually just maintence issues.

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Detroit 60 series ecm connectors

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Cold Starts. Cold starts, aptly named for starting your engine in cold temperatures, have given Series 60 engines trouble. They can lose their prime and not start properly. Using a starting fluid should help combat this issue, and you shouldn't have any other problems from it once the engine is running. Changing the SRS (Synchronous Reference.

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Ecm Performance offers custom Engine Control Module ( ECM ) programming & diagnostic support for Cummins ISB 6. Oct 20, 2010 · Yeah, seems the only thing you can get a Detroit in now is a Daimler-Chrysler subsidiary. ... ISM with CM Control Module. Horse Power. SERIES 60 DDEC V TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE [b] If the terminals and connectors are damaged, repair them. Refer to section 53.2.3 Check for Open Perform the following steps to check for open. 1. Disconnect the ECM/ECU VIH connector and VSS connector. 2. Install a jumper wire between sockets 1 and 2 of the VSS harness connector. 3. This listing is for a complete Troubleshooting Manual on CD-ROM for Detroit Diesel DDEC Single ECM (III/IV) Engines Professionally produced disc Cl ... CODES VS SAE CODES6 TESTING I SERVICE TOOLS I TIPS7 DDEC ECM SOFTWARE FEATURES8 CONNECTORS, TERMINALS, AND SPLICING9 DIAGNOSING A DDEC SYSTEM FAULT10 INTERMITIENT FAULT11 FLASH CODE 11- VSG LOW. Nov 12, 2019 · Detroit Diesel DDEC IV 60 Series (Code: DDEC IV 60 Series) Zoom image. Model: DDEC IV 60 Series.Manufacturer: Detroit Diesel Corporation.™. Acquire for: Sale. Exchange. ECM PN: Tire Size:. May 22, 2019 · Carefully pull the connector from the ECM and remove the harness from the engine. Section 9.6.4 Installation of DDEC III/IV Engine Sensor Harness.

Check wiring at the ecm, there are 2 connections to the engine injector harness. Both are 5 pin connectors. 1 is gray and the other is black. Peel back 10 cm of loom and check for worn wiring that allows voltage but not enough wires left to supply amps needed to drive the injector solenoid. Let us know if anything shows up. 2021. 11. 15. · USED OEM DDEC Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engine Computer Module ECM ECU. NOTE: There is a small plastic piece missing from one of the side connectors which doesn’t affect the functionality of the unit at all. Please see pictures which outlines it with marker. (Please verify pictures since those are the exact items in pictures).

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17. · DETROIT DIESEL 14L Series 60 Detroit vs 15% grade Detroit 12.7 Series 60 - @Eiver2 Trucker How loud is a Detroit diesel? (Reconditioned)1994 Detroit 12.7 L Diesel Engine, TEST RUN Video,Engine for sale, Serial: 06R0170703 Shifting 13 speed straight piped Series 60 Detroit How To Do A Full Overhead On A Detroit 60 Series !.. My 2001 freightliner classic with a 500hp detroit series 60 would have no acceleration.I would be driving and it would just go to idle speed.My cruise also stopped working.With the engine shut down,I disconnected all the plugs on the ECM,sprayed electrcial cleaner on all connections,packed connections with CRC di-electric grease compound,and plugged them all back in.No more problems.This was. Download: Detroit Diesel Series 60 6SE483 Engine Service Manual. Detroit Diesel Series 60 6SE483 0507; Mercedes Benz / Detroit Diesel; Download: 167.2mb, 1669 pages ... The DDEC III ECM was also thinner than the DDEC II ECM, with wiring connectors at both ends. The front-end has two five-pin connectors for the injectors, and a thirty-pin.

wiring ecm trs. Series 60 - Section 1.26 Camshaft Gear Assembly Series 60 Exhaust Gas 60 series gear engine camshaft assembly detroit diesel egr figure recirculation exhaust gas section adjustment. Series 60 ddec v troubleshooting. Detroit series 60 (stock #2643). Detroit diesel 2-cycle engines publication 7se298 0106.

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